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Blacksmiths Way, Belgrave

Client: Yarra Ranges Council
Completed: 2022

Yarra Ranges Council recognises that projects incorporating recycled materials showcase sustainability, support local recycling industries, and encourages residents to adopt their own sustainable behaviours by showing them where their recycled items end up.

The council commissioned Omnigrip Re-Surface along Blacksmiths Way, as part of a masterplan to activate the area and make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists increasing the skid resistance of the road with a surface compliant to road authority specifications.


Australia recycled glass used


Beer Bottles (equiv) recycled


Increase in cyclists
on weekends

— Mark Varmalis, then Director for Environment and Infrastructure, Yarra Ranges Council

“Infrastructure that supports walking and cycling can help reduce congestion and encourage community members to enjoy their towns in new ways.”

– Johanna Skelton, Lyster Ward, Yarra Ranges Council

“The new surface in Blacksmiths Way accompanies a nearby platypus mural as a reminder that our actions can directly help – or harm – native wildlife. This glass surface is a great step in improving Belgrave’s town centre and I know we are all keen to see more.” Read more


  • Surveys on Blacksmiths Way following implementation of the surface treatment showed a 10% increase of pedestrians and 253% increase in cyclists on weekends.
  • This project re-purposed 7300 kgs of post industrial recycled glass; the equivalent of 36,500 beer bottles