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Bunnings Warehouse Stores & Facilities

Client: Bunnings
Commenced: 2014

Across Australia, Bunnings installs Smarterlite’s Exit Signs in its new stores and retrofits, making significant saving in costs, emissions and the elimination of eWaste. In addition, Bunnings has also installed Smarterlite’s stair treads, hand rail strips and wall paint to aid their staff and customers in emergency evacuations and brownouts and blackouts.

Using Smarterlite’s Apollo Exit Sign in many of its stores reduces the risk of failures and breakages, such as if suspended signs are hit by forklifts. In other stores, Smarterlite’s Hyperion Exit Sign has been used, which has integrated LED’s to ensure the sign has 100lux on the face of the sign. Both designs meet the requirements of the National Construction Code.

The Bunnings program makes strong commercial and environmental sense, providing lifetime savings to Bunnings and its shareholders, and adding to the suite of carbon reduction initiatives it uses across Australia.’


Reduction in Electricity usage


Saved in maintenance &
operating costs every year

183 Tonnes

Carbon saved every year

2,338 kg

e-Waste avoided every year
– Alan Dimmick, Fire Services Manager for Grosvenor Engineering Group
(During a fogging exercise in a Bunnings store in 2023)

“I was similarly amazed by the brightness and functionality over the two-hour outage period which is beyond the required 90 minutes of AS2293. Having previously been cautious and sceptical around photoluminescent lights, I now have a perspective in which I would endorse the supply, installation, and maintenance of these assets.” Fogging is a pest-control process that creates a dense fog, like smoke, that requires isolation of fire safety equipment for its duration.


  • Reduced its electricity use by 99%*
  • Saved $335,108 in maintenance and operating costs every year

  • Saved 183,189 kilograms of carbon every year

  • Avoided 2,338 kilograms of plastic and e-Waste from landfill every year

  • Eliminated the need for 3,389 lithium batteries every year