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Fitzroy St St Kilda Feature

Fitzroy Street St Kilda, Victoria

Client: Department of Transport
Completed: 2022

The Department of Transport and Planning needed to upgrade the safety of a busy intersection at Fitzroy Street near Grey Street and Canterbury Road in St Kilda. The intersection had a troublesome history of nose-to-tail accidents and serious crashes, causing stress and trauma throughout the community.

OmniGrip Direct installed high friction surface treatment across the intersection overnight, instantly improving safety with braking distance reduced by up to 30% in the dry and more in the wet.

OmniGrip HF is a skid-resistant high-friction surface lasting up to 15 years. It is cost-effective, and it reduces the stress and trauma caused by road crashes. 

80% +

Expected crash reduction

– Justin Strunk, General Manager, RABS Group Dec 2022

“We partnered with Omnigrip Direct for this project as we knew the quality of the HFST product from previous works together. With such a large tram/car/pedestrian interface at the Grey St intersection, the ongoing public safety was paramount to the success of this project. The only way to achieve this was by using OmniGrip Direct’s HF product”


  • Improve vehicle stability and braking at high-risk areas: intersections, crosswalks, and tight corners
  • Reduce crashes for all crashes (57% for curves to 78.8% for ramps) and wet-road crashes (83.2% for curves to 92.1% for ramps)

  • Reduce the annual total national crash costs of $326 million ($161 million for motorcyclists, $136 million for pedestrians, $29 million for bicyclists)