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OmniGrip CST recycled-glass coloured surface treatments - MRPV - BMD - Ecologiq

Fitzsimons Lane Upgrade, Victoria

Client: BMD Constructions & Major Road Projects Victoria
Completed: January 2023

BMD & Major Road Projects Victoria completed an upgrade of Fitzsimons Lane in January 2023. The project included upgrades of four very busy intersections, new priority bus lanes, safer pedestrian crossing points and cycling lanes for active users. As this project was sensitive to community expectations, BMD worked with OmniGrip Direct to install OmniGrip CST – an industry-leading durable, safe and appealing coloured surface treatment compliant with VicRoads Section 431.

This project also delivered fantastic environmental benefits with over 23 tonnes of recycled glass re-purposed for the bus and bike lanes – the equivalent of 115,000 beer bottles.


Beer Bottles (equiv) Recycled

23 Tonnes

Recycled Glass Re-purposed

– Victoria’s Big Build Projects Website

“This Victorian-developed high-quality road surface treatment … will deliver benefits for both the environment and local community” 


  • Reduced congestion during peak traffic periods
  • Improved road safety across the community
  • Diverted waste from landfill
  • Avoided 18,400kg embodied carbon from virgin glass production