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Great Ocean Road Feature

Great Ocean Road

Client: Regional Roads Victoria 
Completed: 2021

Regional Roads Victoria needed to reduce road trauma, stress and risk of serious injury or worse for motorcycle riders along the world-renowned Great Ocean Road. OmniGrip High Friction skid resistant road surfaces were applied across multiple corners on the Great Ocean Road with a history of speed and motorcycle related crashes.

With OmniGrip High Friction skid resistant road surfaces, grip is improved for motorcyclists and other road users, reducing the likelihood of loss-of-control crashes and reduced braking distances at the treated sites, lower the stress and trauma of road crashes.

OmniGrip HF complies with national road authority specifications, providing a crash reduction factor of 70% (80%) in the wet, and sometimes significantly more.

80% +

Expected crash reduction

– Australian Road Research Board; Surf Coast Times 1st April 2021

“High friction surface treatments using calcined bauxite provide increased resistance, resulting in greater traction and increased breaking efficiency and had safety benefits for all road users. These qualities are particularly important where maintaining traction is critical for safe travel along a road and a targeted location is identified such as through high-speed curves along our rural highways where vehicles experience heavy braking.”


  • Improve vehicle stability and braking at high-risk areas: intersections, crosswalks, and tight corners

  • Reduce crashes for all crashes (57% for curves to 78.8% for ramps) and wet-road crashes (83.2% for curves to 92.1% for ramps)

  • Reduce the annual total national crash costs of $326 million ($161 million for motorcyclists, $136 million for pedestrians, $29 million for bicyclists)