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Harvey Norman Feature

Harvey Norman Homemaker Centres

Client: Cushman Wakefield for National Australia Bank
Completed: 2023

Harvey Norman manages Homemaker Centres and Harvey Norman stores. It has commenced a process of updating its significant national fleet of exit signs to Smarterlite’s Environmental Exit Signs.

With more than 350 signs installed to date, Harvey Norman will save $685,000 and reduce its carbon emissions by 315 tonnes.  Electricity use from exit signs will be reduced by 81% and reduce its production of plastic and eWaste by 361kg.

Harvey Norman has installed Smarterlite’s hybrid and pure PL exit signs across its substantial property portfolio


Reduction in Electricity usage

315 Tonnes

Carbon Saved


e-Waste avoided

– Harvey Norman

“Exit Signs are a hidden cost and monitored systems add significantly to ongoing maintenance costs. Smarterlite’s exit signs simplify ongoing maintenance. No more 90min tests, and there’s certainty they won’t fail or need replacing in the near future.”


  • Reduced lifetime costs, from construction & installation through operation of the Environmental Exit Signs
  • Reduction in emissions and eWaste, contributing to Harvey Norman ESG targets

  • Safer customers and staff