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Metung Feature

Metung & Kinglake, Victoria

Client: Victorian Department of Transport & Planning 
Completed: 2022

Regional Roads Victoria, part of the Victorian Department of Transport & Planning, installed Smarterlite’s photoluminescent linemarking along nearly 20km of roads and paths in regional Victoria, in Bendigo and near Kinglake and Metung. The project was funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments.

The project installed Smarterlite’s photoluminescent linemarking system along rural highways and winding unlit shared user paths across Victoria. It provides enhanced visibility in the evening and other periods of poor visibility.  The selected sites included bends of different radii, different seal widths and intersections with minor side roads as well as a popular shared user path used by recreational and commuter cyclists.

Smarterlite’s innovative photoluminescent linemarking was developed following a three-year Road Safety Innovation Fund Grant from the Australian Government. This project led to the development of Smarterlite’s preform photoluminescent linemarking that is now being exported globally.

Where street lighting is very expensive and impractical to install, glow in the dark markings is a quick, cost-effective solution, that’s kinder to the environment as it also reduces light pollution and doesn’t impact wildlife.




Delineation on dark, high risk roads

– Dr Troung, Latrobe University Civil Engineering Expert ABC News

“Photoluminescent road markings would improve visibility and help drivers stay centred in their lane. I believe the technology would improve road safety for certain situations — for example, when we have very complex road alignment, changes in direction, tight curves and things like that,”

– Lisa Palma, Wildlife Victoria Chief Executive ABC News

“The road markings can reduce light pollution by eliminating the need for streetlights on rural and remote roads. It can impact breeding cycles of species, exposes vulnerable nocturnal animals to predators, can impact bird migratory patterns and accordingly can impact species over the longer term,” she said.”While it’s important for roads to be very safe we also want to ensure that wildlife can go about their normal business without being impacted by light pollution at all and put themselves and drivers at risk.“


  • Enhanced visibility
  • Improves delineation on dark, high-risk winding roads