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Soho Path Lighting Point Cook-2

Soho Village, Point Cook

Client: Wyndham City Council
Completed: October 2021

A primary concern for Wyndham City Council and the community was to avoid having light spill affecting wildlife in the park and nearby wetlands, whilst also improving public safety.

OmniGrip Direct installed 15 Vivacity solar stud lights through the park to assist people walking in the evenings and at night. The solar stud lights guide people through the park, without the cost and visual intrusion of overhead lighting. 

The lights were quickly installed to Councils requirements. Each light has an estimated life of five to ten years, when the old battery can be removed for recycling and replaced with a new battery.


Public safety at night


Impact on nocturnal wildlife

– Adele Hegedich, Wyndham Mayor

“These lights were specifically chosen with the local natural habitat in mind, as Council considered that overhead street lighting could be visually unattractive and impede on surrounding natural habitats. These stud lights are subtle and effective and a great innovation in Soho Village.”

– Susan McIntyre, Wyndham’s community safety portfolio holder

“As Wyndham marks Community Safety Month this October, it’s great to know that we are continuing to build an overall sense of safety within the community with improvements such as this. These new stud lights will make this precinct feel safer.”



  • Public safety at night
  • Reduced impact on nocturnal wildlife

  • Reduced visual impact compared to light poles