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Smarterlite’s innovative hybrid photoluminescent and LED technology is replacing costly, short-lived, environmentally harmful emergency and safety lighting across the planet. Offering substantial lifetime savings and reduced operational costs from your buildings and infrastructure, Smarterlite will also increase your business’s sustainability while keeping your people safe.

Our environmental exit signs will reduce your emissions and eWaste, additionally eligible installations can obtain carbon credits in the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program and NSW Energy Sustainability Scheme.

  • Environmental Exit Signs
  • OHS Signs
  • Egress & Wayfinding
  • Linemarking

OmniGrip Direct reduces crashes, injuries and deaths on roads, paths and in buildings. Australian owned and operated, specialising in innovative safety technology and the supply of specialist durable safety surfacing for the highway, building and construction industries. A market leader in the supply and installation of Australian recycled-glass and natural aggregate surfacing for buildings, road safety and placemaking projects.  OmniGrip HFST and CST are TIPES Certified and compliant with relevant State specifications.

  • Australian Recycled Glass & Specialist Aggregates
  • High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST)
  • Coloured Surface Treatment (CST)
  • Decorative Surfacing
  • Pothole Fixing & Surface Repairs
  • Civil Works for Signs, Linemarking & Lighting

Vivacity Smart Lighting designs, manufactures and supplies advanced LED lighting and display systems that help organisations reduce emissions and improve safety. Vivacity offers clients the next generation in Lighting Technology and Traffic Communication Systems designed to fix safety and wayfinding issues on roads, paths and in buildings using high efficiency lighting that are fast to install and cost effective. 

  • LED Safety Tactiles
  • In-ground Pavement Markers
  • Smart Activated Lights
  • Carpark Warning Systems
  • LED Safety Bollards
  • Solar Urban Lights
  • E-ink & E-Paper